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January 21, 2011
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Modern Version of "Woman at the Well" By Manwathiel

There was this one day, that strange day…

I was on my way home after work and decided to stop at Starbucks. While I was there, I saw an older woman sitting by herself. She looked sad and lonely, so I asked if I could sit with her. She said yes, and I sat down at her small table.
"What's wrong?" I asked, for you will remember she looked sad.
"Twelve years. it's been twelve years," she said very slowly. "Twelve years to the day. Since he died." This came very slowly, but in the end, I learned that her husband had died twelve years before on that particular day. She also told me that, shortly before he died, he became a Christian. She didn't seem very happy with that fact, so I started telling her about how loving God is and how much He wants her.
"God wants you to love Him, and if your husband accepted Christ before he passed away, then he's in heaven, dancing and celebrating with God. I'm sure John would want you to join him there, Anna," I said softly at the end. "Wouldn't you like to see him again?" I was startled when this question was answered with tears.
"Yes," she replied between her tears. "I would love to see John again.  I loved him so much." We prayed right there, in the middle of Starbucks that afternoon. It was the most wonderful thing to see Anna smile. She told me she wanted to meet me there again and that she was going to bring her friend next time. It was an amazing time for me.

We met three or four times a week, and sometimes Anna brought her friend Caroline. Last week, Caroline came alone and told me Anna had passed away. We wept together, but I reminded her that Anna was in heaven, celebrating with her husband John and the Lord. Caroline accepted Christ that very same day.
This is a short story I wrote for my Bible class last semester. We were talking about when Jesus met the woman at the well, and we were supposed to write a modern version of the story. For those of you who do not know the story, it is in the Bible, in John chapter 4. Here's a link to a site with it: [link]

I hope you like this story. It was a one-shot with all new characters. Please do not steal it or any of the characters. It was entirely made-up for the purpose of my Bible class, and the characters are not supposed to based on any specific people. Thank you.

Oh, and the name of the woman's husband has nothing to do with the book of the Bible. It was purely coincidental that they are the same name!

BTW, this is my first deviation of 2011!!!! Yay for finally getting something up! :D